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Corporation “Medcenter” combines several branches to take into account the needs of each patient! We have everything to provide you with high-quality medical services in a comfortable atmosphere.



26 May Street N74
Mob. 555 77 44 00

Solomed Ambulatory Center: SoloMed offers a wide range of medical services with an emphasis on comfort and individuality. Our goal is to make your visit as convenient as possible and offer a personalized approach to your needs.

Referral hospital Medcenter

Referral hospital Medcenter

Batumi, Bagrationi Str, 125.

Referral hospital Medcenter with an innovative approach to medicine. Leading specialists trained in Georgia and abroad are working here. The School of Nursing prepares personnel that meet modern standards. The hospital offers a full range of services: from outpatient consultation to complex surgical operations and rehabilitation. Particular attention is paid to liver transplantation, with a unique program of training and patient support. High-tech equipment in laboratories and operating rooms, including modern angiographs, operate according to the latest diagnostic and treatment protocols.

Regional Center for Family Medicine

Regional Center for Family Medicine

Batumi, Baratashvili st. N33

0422 27 73 03

Regional center for family medicine: Our team of specialist doctors offers a wide range of services, including pediatric medicine. It also cooperates with maritime companies and offers pre-trip medical examinations for sailors. We care about the health of the inhabitants of the region. This is a clinic for the whole family!

University Clinic of Innovative Medicine

University Clinic of Innovative Medicine

Batumi, Tbeti st. N4

0422 25 20 08

University Clinic of Innovative Medicine: The clinic provides services in molecular diagnostics, treatment and many other advanced areas of medicine using advanced technologies and methods to ensure high quality medical care. In addition, the clinic is a student affiliate, independently educates and provides practical experience to medical university students, which contributes to the development of future medical professionals.

Our history is written by saved lives.