The clinic has a physiotherapy department, where you can undergo the following types of physiotherapy exercises (physiotherapy procedures):

  • Sinusoidal modulated current.
  • Galvanic current.
  • Electroanalgesia.
  • Dorsanvanization.
  • Electrophoresis and  phonophoresis.
  • Myostimulation.
  • Neurostimulation.
  • Infrared radiation.
  • Ultra-high frequency electromagnetic field.
  • Diadynamic therapy.
  • Multi-wavelength laser therapy (MLS).



Physiotherapy is used for the following pathologies:


  • Arthritis, arthrosis, periarthritis (knee, elbow, etc.).
  • Osteochondrosis of the spine.
  • Myalgia, myositis.
  • Lumbalgia and root syndrome.
  • Peripheral lymphostasis.
  • Bursitis and epicondylitis.
  • Pain in the heel and ankle (foot).
  • Spine (osteochondrosis, fractures, disc protrusions and hernias).


Physiotherapy is used to:

  • Reduce inflammation and pain;
  • Improvement of local blood circulation;
  • Removal of puffiness;
  • Restoration of amplitude of motion in the joints;
  • Increase in muscle mass and strength;

Manana Stambolishvili