The vascular surgery department operates in the Medcenter. Vascular surgery includes the diagnosis, management and surgical treatment of blood and lymphatic vessels using modern technologies.

In our department you can get the following services:

  • Consultation of a vascular surgeon;
  • Ultrasound dopplerography of trunk blood vessels of limbs;
  • Duplex scanning of the arteries and veins of the limbs;
  • On the skin of oxygen tension determination;
  • CT angiography;
  • X-ray contrast arteriography;
  • Phlebography;

  Methods of phlebography:

  • Phlebotomy in the traditional manner;
  • Laser ablation;
  • Sclerotherapy;
  • Laser sclerotherapy;

Carotid arteries:

  • Endarterectomy;
  • Stenting of the carotid arteries;

Thoracic aorta:

  • Stenting with debranching of the thoracic aorta, aortic arch, both in planned and emergency cases.

Abdominal aorta:

  • Stenting and any type of open reconstructive operations;

All types of open reconstructive operations on main arteries and veins of the lower limbs:

  • Aortobifemoral shunting, endarterectomy, femoral-subfemoral shunting, using Both autovenous and vascular arteries;
  • Shunting in the distal segment of the tibial arteries;


  • Balloon angioplasty or stenting of the femoral and tibial arteries;

Renal artery operations:

  • In an open manner;
  • Endovascular;

Visceral arteries:

  • Mesenteric arteries of the stomach trunk;
  • Open operational and endovascular.

Omar Iremadze

Vascular surgeon

Archil Shervashidze

Vascular surgeon, General surgeon

Merab Mikeladze

Vascular and endovascular surgeon, head of angiology department

Ramin Markoidze

Vascular and endovascular surgeon